Gold Foil Prints, Pretty Please!

2:06 PM

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Perhaps it's because the walls of my office are now a deep, sexy, dark navy blue, but I'm certainly craving a metallic poster that'll give my office a dose of glamour with a one-two punch. I would give you a sneak peek of the room, but all you really need to do is watch an episode of Hoarders to get an idea of what it  looks like. Yep. It's that bad right now....and yes, it's driving my OCD organizational tendencies wild.

Now, time to get out of this clutterfest room and head out to the airport to pick my mother-in-law (the best one in the land, y'all). The hub's entire fam is coming in to town for F1 and staying for the Thanksgiving feast, so we are pretty darn stoked about that. Need to whip out my "Move To Texas" campaigning materials...let the game's begin!!!

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  1. um wait i love all of these!! deep navy? i need to see a picture of these walls! it all sounds so luxurious! xo

  2. I lOve everything ! Thx for including MadeByGirl!! ;)

  3. These are so pretty and just a little glitzy! I love.
    xo Josie

  4. Thank you for including my Heavens to Betsy print! I love all of the prints!! So pretty! :)

  5. What a good way to christen your new house!!


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