Eat: The Pizza Bistro

8:30 AM

On Saturday, John and I ventured out to a super lame garage sale in Westlake. As we were heading home, I spotted this new and swanky looking pizza joint on Lake Austin Blvd called The Pizza Bistro and subtly shouted "NEW PIZZA PLACE!!! PULL OVER!!!" to let John know I totally wanted to try it out for lunch. We had to make the trip worth our while, you know? ;) Right when you walk in, you see a cool space filled with mixed woods, industrial lighting made out of old bottles, a neon "Food is love" sign, sleek white glass tiles, plush tufted leather seating....even if this food sucked (which it didn't at all), I would still love this place based on the design alone.

Ok, now for the part leading up to needing to be rolled out on a wheelbarrow. We chowed on a half "Supreme"/half plain cheese pizza, and ordered a last minute batch of truffle fries because we are fat kids like that. That photo of the truffle fries is pretty close to life-size...gotta love those obnoxiously large vertical photos since my blog is a bit of a wide load *beep beep beep*. Anywho, this pizza was pretty darn good and we'll definitely be back for seconds.

Austinites, any other must visit pizza places you swear by? What are some of your fave pizza combos? I am usually a veggie gal (though tomatoes on pizza are my pet peeve and make me want to hurl). John is a full on Hawaiian fan. Still undecided on that one. ;)

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  1. John!!! Hawaiian - me too!!! Aloha my pizza soul mate! =)

    1. Meg, we are SO having a pizza party next time we see each other. Going to venture out and try the Hawaiian again. Prob will love it now just because you do, haha.

  2. yummers in the tuummers!

  3. The atmosphere looks fun, and those fries look SERIOUSLY tasty.
    xo Josie

  4. lol! wide load! BEEP BEEP! Love it. xo

  5. lol! wide load! BEEP BEEP! Love it. xo


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