Nicole Hanley Mellon, hand over your keys please.

10:33 PM

Man, this weekend was intense. Emotionally intense...lots of big decisions, fear, excitement, anxiety, bickering, frustration, gratitude, confusion. After compulsively checking Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and having our realtor comb the MLS for the last couple weeks, John, our lovely realtor and I ventured out with a long list of potential houses to buy. After touring 11 duds on day one, we invited my parents along to tour the next 7 duds with us on day two. We did, however, come across one gem that my mom and I totally had a crush on. A wonderful fixer-upper with so much potential on a beautiful lot. By 9:30 that night, it had 2 offers and was S-O-L-D. @@#$@%$#^$%^@. I can already tell this process is going to be a doozy.

What does this have to do with Nicole Hanley Mellon's amazing NYC apartment? Nothing. Abso-freaking-lutely nothing, aside from the fact that I'm so green with envy I'm seeing mustard yellow.

PS  Here's a neat diy felt 'craspedia' flower tutorial and a lovely dress in a matching yellow hue.

Images courtesy Vogue

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  1. No way!! Man, isn't home buying such an emotional roller coaster??? Can't wait to hear about it on Fri!! xoxo

  2. Oh hunting...I don't envy you but know you'll find something perfect!



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