For The Love Of Silver

6:21 PM

tank // shorts // necklace // shoes // interior photo // washi tape // vase // table // nail polish
Some of my favorite spaces, places and outfits are full of "in your face" color. There's nothing subtle about any of them. Ironically, I am completely in love with mostly white spaces. Scandinavian anything gets my heart going pitter pattter, and those design-savvy Swedes certainly know how to use a light and neutral palette to their advantage. There's just something so beautiful about a totally blank canvas chock full of luxe textures like lace and metallic sheens, silvers, creams and grey. Of course, the sparkling diamonds, pretty mirrored pieces of furniture, high shine chrome, soft white and cream paints, and shimmery tailored shorts add some major elegance to the overall look. What are you more keen on right now.....kapow color or soft neutrals?

PS How adorable are those lovely initial diamond pendant necklaces from Benold's?! Reminds me a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw....and whatever Carrie approves of is good for me.

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  1. a tx !!! way to that necklace bling it on!!!

  2. Carrie Bradshaw knows best. WWCD. (What would Carrie do?!)


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