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Perhaps it's because Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking (phew) was one of my fave childhood heroines, I have always loved freckles. I even like the word freckles. Freckles. Haaa. It's a funny word when you say it a lot. When pouring over some photos of John as a kid, I nearly melted into the floor over the little freckled face with the mischievous smile that stared back at me. They must have faded with time, because the freckles are nowhere to be found on hubby's face nowadays. Oddly enough, my super fair-skinned self never really got freckles...instead, I got freckle/mole hybrids on my arms and face that formed what I like to think of as constellations. Now, I know that freckles are a sign of sun-damaged skin, but aren't they just so endearing? A total beauty 'do' in my book.

PS Just because I am compelled to say it.....wear SPF everyday, people.

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  1. I'm fair as anything and can't spend long in the sun, but my freckles pop-up right away when I do go anywhere with sunshine. I'm friends with them now, I used to think they were childish :)


  2. I love them too, and I think they are also a genetic condition. I've read that Julianne Moore hates hers and she attributes them to genes. Yeap, the very Julianne hates them, ironic!

  3. I always ALWAYS wanted freckles. Never got 'em, though... ah, well.


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