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After one of the mushiest and smushiest holidays there is, I decided to post about something tough and strong. Noooo, sillies, I am not talking about my husband....though he should consider himself flattered at the thought. I am talking about concrete. Yep. The tough grey stuff that we pound our well-heeled feet on everyday. Not so glam outside, but bring the matter indoors and you have a very different story. Concrete is beautiful in it's simplicity, the tone and texture varying from piece to piece.  Perhaps it's because my dad is in the industrial and commerical flooring biz and I grew up hearing about the differences between DecoFlake and ThermalCrete floors. I will refrain from getting into the details for fear of boring you half to death, but I will summarize the moral of the story: concrete = cool. So, now it's time to revel in the cool concrete home decor finds from Obelisk with me.

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