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Austin is a very bright city....literally. The sun is shining (or was a least was yesterday when I wrote this - it's pouring now! That should teach me a thing or two about scheduling posts a day in advance), the birds are chirping (again, I should use past tense), the houses and shops are painted all colors of the rainbow, and the neon lights of South Congress seem to coordinate perfectly with this town's eccentric and stylish mannerisms. Ever since moving down here, I can't help but shun my previous neutral ways. I think the now-normal levels of vitamin D are responsible for this. ;) Whether you wear your color, decorate with color, or simply eat it (skittles don't count, y'all), living loud with color is something I think we should all pledge to do a bit more. I bet you are all a bit happier after seeing this post, no? Color. It's a bona fide mood booster.

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  1. thank you so much for all the info yesterday!!! very well put together and so exciting for you!! I'm definitely keeping it in mind. (At the same time, realizing I can do basic things myself, such as widen my page.)

    P.S. loving every single image, especially that motel. i want some of that Austin sun!

  2. Oooh you making me discontent with my current weather conditions ;) And I was learning to deal. Oh well, just a few more months of the woodstove and wool socks. ;)

  3. This post is just pure happy making :)


  4. OBSESSED WITH THESE COLORS!! yikes, I want spring now!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  5. All I want right now is to be tan, blonde, and wear neon.....a girl needs goals, right???


  6. Im obsessed with these, especially the pink Celine bag.

  7. What a gorgeous post! The painting is beautiful!

  8. Hi Kirsten! I feel like I just took a trip to the islands with this fabulously colorful post - just what I needed on this blah afternoon! Thanks for the cheery fun eye candy! I want every single one of those Essie shades too :)

    xoxoxo Hugs!!

  9. Oh wow.
    This is such a happy post I can hardly stand it.
    I'm new here...can't get over how gorgeous your blog is.

  10. I have admired that painting on Pinterest for months - I want it so bad but alas I am a cheapo :-/ I can, however, afford to pair royal blue and yellow and will do so this week. Thanks for the inspiration - hoping to meet you at TXSC!


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