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Sweater: J.Crew Factory (similar and similar) // Tee: 291 Venice (similar) // Scarf: Adelante Austin // Jeans: Martin + Osa (similar) // Boots: Target

Right after bragging posting about how beautiful and sunny it is here in Austin, we get a string of overcast and rainy gray days. Alas, WE NEED THE RAIN (a must watch for Austin dwellers)!!! Despite that revelation, see all those faces up there? That is pretty much what I look like in the AM when I peek out the window and see it's gross outside. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Totally and utterly spoiled when it comes to weather, but I can willingly admit it.

Does any else feel like they operate at half mast when it's overcast out? Seems like my synapses don't fire as quickly, and a feeling of 'zombieness' kinda takes over. How do you get out of the funk? It seems those Jersey Shore idiots could be on to something....GYM, TAN, LAUNDRY! But, alas....I have a lovely case of patella tendonitis that feels like walking on knives, so gym is out of the question. Tanning might do the trick if there wasn't a 75% chance of getting skin cancer and looking like this lady in a few years., not so much a 'pick me up' as it is a chore. Ok, so I take it back...GTL is not a likely solution to a raging case of the greys. Wherever you are, hope you have a happy and cheerful day! xo

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  1. I completely agree...sunshine and great weather equal HAPPINESS!!!alas...some rain is a good thing.

  2. Adorable pictures!


  3. Hahaha - love the Magda photo. So excited to work with you, lady! I'll be back in touch soon. :)

  4. I'm okay with rain, but snow or high winds put me in the crummiest mood ever. I think I need to follow your example and get out of Mass!

    It's great seeing pictures of you on your blog, btw!

  5. Very cool graffiti in the background. And you look great!

  6. I hear ya lady!!! I was just talking about this w my Mom yesterday. She told me that Jan 23 is known as the most depressing day of the year and I really did feel blue! I was seriously considering hopping into a tanning bed. It's just this time of year, post-holiday bloat, gloomy weather, not much exciting happening. All we need is a spray tan and a fluoro Cambridge satchel!


  7. and P.S. Magda looks a lot more happy than me right now, maybe shes on to something....


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