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Modern Quill Pen - Because Bics are boring. It may be a report on SEO metrics that you are writing, but at least you will do it with some flair. Mozart would be so jealous.
Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 by Mophie* - This ultimate iPhone 4 & 4S power user accessory more than doubles the battery power of your iPhone and provides the complete protection of a soft-touch case and shock-proof band. Perhaps now you won't have to beeline it to the nearest plug when you walk into the door for Christmas dinner with the fam.

Elephant and Duck Paperclips - Organize with these fun animal-shaped steel clips, and make busy work fun. Aren't they just the cutest? This would be a great stocking stuffer. 

USB Flash Drive 4 GB - The USB stick just got a super fancy makeover. Designed as a way to express the intricacy of 3D laser printing, the Cina USB stick has a unique, delicate, and fragile look, but is made from a very hard-wearing nylon material.

Jonathan Adler Desk Dock Organizer* - A jumbled mess of cords is the bane of my existence. Give your phone, iPod, cell phone, and camera a happy place to get some R&R when you are not talking/texting/listening/snapping the day and night away. 

Chalk-It-To-Me Piggy Bank - Constructed from silky-smooth pigmented ceramic that allows it's body to be drawn on time and again, you can easily keep track of all those hard-earned pennies. This piggy is ready to be your friend and help you save. He'll even lend you some of your own money in a pinch...what a pal!

Bella Leather Mousepad - Painting the walls of your cubicle would probably get you in some hot water with the facilities manager. Brighten your workspace without disrupting the office's beige on tan color scheme with the Italian leather Bella Mousepad. 

LED Wooden Alarm Clock/Speakers - Forget counting the rings of a tree - this birchwood block actually tells time! Apart from being just plain cool, this clock's functions include 12/24 hour time format, date, alarm with 6-cycle snooze, and a night/economic power mode where the LED brightness automatically reduces between 6pm and 7am.

WTF Stamp - The urge to leave your mark on the world is universal and this self-inking stamp helps fulfill this desire over and over again. With the headline "WTF" and options for you to select: !, ?, !?…this stamp is an easy way to send your message.

Kate Spade 'Mikas Pond' Business Card Holder*- Crumpled business cards fished out from the bottom of your purse are not the best way to make an impression (*ahem*....guilty as charged). Keep your cards and keys in a safe spot with this luxe embossed leather wallet outfitted it with card slots aplenty and a hideaway key fob.

Chalkboard Office Accessories - Old-school staple writes (then erases) new rules for keeping it together. Scrawl labels, to-dos, doodles, then wipe the slate clean. Includes one piece of white chalk.

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  1. Love the quill pens! Hilarious! Just what every fashion student needs :) Though something tells me they may not travel well...


  2. Love the quill pens! Hilarious! Just what every fashion student needs :) Though something tells me they may not travel well...


  3. That Kate Spade card holder is so chic- I love it! :)

    star-crossed smile


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