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You know that friend or coworker that completely embodies the personality (or even looks) of another animal? For example, John is always calling me a camel, giraffe, or a walrus (I am still trying to forgive him for that last one). I, in turn, proclaim that he is a moose, frog, or water buffalo. Come to think of it, in between our two families, we actually cover most of the animal kingdom. We have prarie dogs, manatees, koala bears, dogs, horses, monkies, whales, flamingoes....the list keeps going on and on. Perhaps that is why I was so taken with the beautifully illustrated portraits of feathered, four legged, and aquatic species by Unitedthread.

UPDATE: After getting a hilarious text from my sis-in-law, I am going to go ahead and state that the whale is NOT either one of my preggo sis-in-laws....hear that CG and AS?!

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  1. and momma is????...

  2. First of all, love the owl. I love anything with an owl :) Second, congrats to the two non-whales :)



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