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You know any home with a name - such as this historic Georgian one in the English countryside dubbed 'Dinder House'- has got to be grand. London designer Ilse Crawford renovated this 23-acre estate, hailing from the 1800s, with over 39 rooms for a family of 6. The expansive and sparsely decorated home embodies modern elements with old world touches (like no dryers in the laundry rooms...just wooden racks). Complete with a lego room for the owners' sons, this mansion pretty much has a room for anything you can imagine.  Yea, you know....just a little place in the country to relax and get away from the buzz of the city.

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  1. There is nothing I don't LOVE about these pictures. I want to go to there.



  2. I love the bedroom! It is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. pure inspiration - thanks!

  4. I could almost cry at how gorgeous those herringbone wood floors are! And the countryside wallpaper is fabulous.

  5. Seriously everything I want in a house. Old. Classic. Pop. Livable. No clutter. And with a name? What is a house without a name?

  6. I feel as if I could be happy the rest of my life if it was spent on the amazing ottoman in the last photo.


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