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As promised, here are some photos from our Boston to Austin road trip. We took off from CT and took a hell of a lot of highways to get to where we were going (95-78-278-81-40-30-35-1431). With some uber-trashy reading material (try not to judge..we were road weary) picked up in Tennessee, hilarious conversation, and enough embroidery floss to keep us entertained for hours, we basically jammed through the states as fast as we could, with one afternoon stop in Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore mansion. Holy cow was it a scorcher the day we visited there, but so glad we did....the grounds and gardens are stunning. After 2.5 days, husband and I made it to Austin. We are loving it here so far and hoping we find jobs soon...keeping those fingers crossed! In between job applications and freelance gigs, I aim to complete a very random and trivial task du jour: find out if it really is possible to fry an egg outside in this 100+ degree heat. 

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  1. awesome photos! I love road trips too! and yes i live in AZ where it is 100+ degrees... you can fry and egg! haha. Happy Monday!

    ps. head over to my blog and check out the awesome giveaway I have going on today!

  2. oh my gosh, how did i not realize you were moving to austin? that's so cool! i'm road-tripping myself in 2 and a half weeks to california!
    are you guys staying in hotels or do you have friends out there while you hunt around for stuff? good luck with everything!

  3. Why did you move to Austin? I moved to Georgetown (just north) on Saturday.

  4. Welcome to Austin!! My husband & I just moved here last October. We love it & I'm sure you will too. ;)

  5. You moved?! Wow! Congrats! :)



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