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Perhaps it's because avocado is one of my most favorite foods on the planet and they are ripe for the picking right now, but I couldn't resist sharing this creative list from Bon Appetit that goes above and beyond guac. I'm talking about avocado mac n' cheese, ice cream, marshmallows, ceviche, and smoothies (I can vouch for this one....it's seriously tasty). Head on over Bon Appetit to get the recipes, and let me know if you make any of them! I am a bit curious as to how an avo cake frosting would taste...

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  1. I love avocados! Thanks for sharing these new and creative recipes.

  2. I love avocado, and I've craved since they have no idea ...
    I give you one more to be 16 you prepare in a saucepan, grind it all with olive oil and place it in your hair, 20 minutes after you remove it and go ...
    A silky, beautiful hair ....
    pretty kisses

  3. I love avocados! Thank you for sharing this

  4. Ohh, avocados are my favorite, too! Very versatile.

  5. YUMMY! I have a nice, ripe avocado sitt'n in the 'fridge...was just going to eat it with chips, but one of these sounds sooo much better!

  6. Yes please. They get such a bad rap because they are high in fat but damn are the delicious! I like to put them into a caprese salad. But I imagine they'd be tasty in a smoothy as well. The cake....not so sure of....


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