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After reading about the SoWa Vintage Market on Daily Candy, the hubby and I decided to check this preseason opening of this vintage haven. There were plenty of pretty trinkets and lovely wares that caught my eye, and I can't wait to see what pops up there when the space is totally chock full of vendors' wares. 
(L) Vintage clothing on display, (R) Vintage jewelry from Hanntiques
Looking for a totally unique statement piece? Look no further than Hanntiques, a buyer and seller of antique jewelry. The booth was chock full of amazing gold, silver, turquoise, and costume jewelry. 
Vintage jewelry from Hanntiques
The market featured vintage + antique art, some mid-century and shabby chic furniture, home decor, vintage clothing and accessories, and the expected odds and ends.
(L) A Marc Chagall print (that we actually already have in our bedroom!), (R) Gorgeous vintage fabric from Vintage Steph
The Sowa Vintage Market had a preseason opening today, and will the open every Sunday starting May 1 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The address is 460c Harrison Ave, South End, Boston. Be sure to check it out this summer!
(L) Old photos...these would be fun for a wedding or party!, (R) Tons of vintage suitcases were at the market
Some home decor trinkets
(L) The colors are so pretty on this cover, (R) A box of slogan buttons

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  1. LOVE VINTAGE!!!!!! the jewelry is fantastic!


  2. beautiful vintage fabrics...

  3. Aw, thanks for the sweet shout out for SoWa Vintage. The vintage fabric pictured is from the vintagesteph booth

    We can not wait to see everyone May 1st!

  4. I can't wait to check out SoWa, I've never done it, but hear all the greatest things. How was the pricing on the vintage pieces? Was it affordable?

  5. Design Dolce - Thanks for the credit, I was a dodo and didn't get their business card!

    Kinsey - It is great, you should totally check it out in May! The prices varied, but I wouldn't say any of it was cheap really...definitely more "vintage" vs "flea/thrift" prices. Platters were in the $40s, prints were $25-90, vases were $20-30s, etc. Of course, you can probably negotiate those down in some cases. Hope that helps!

  6. that has to be one of my favorite kinda ways to spend the day! it appeals to the wanna be pirate in me and the fact any treasure hunting makes my heart palps increase ten-fold. beautiful images lades. ♥

  7. seriously can't go to SOWA bc i will buy everything in sight...i love it though!! great pics. I need to get there one weekend soon :)

    PS- thanks for twitter follow, and following you back!

  8. Love the pretty vintage fabrics! Wish I lived nearby so I could go!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!



    P.S. I'm hosting a $100 e-spree giveaway on my blog in case you're interested!

  9. I SO wanted to go to this but it coincided with my weekend out of town in NYC. Not a total loss on all fronts, though it looks like there were a ton of goodies there. Let's make a date soon for some shopping and blog chatter- had so much fun with you at Tannery. PS, we must hash out plans for our new site.


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