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Founded in 1999, Alexandra Angle Interior Design specializes in creating "environments that are elegant, diverse, multi-generational, authentic, and rarely without a pinch of whimsy."  After browsing through her very impressive portfolio, I was instantly smitten with the Fire Island project.
 I am always partial to a clean, white interior with interestingly patterned textiles and bright colors.I love the pop of yellow on those Bertoia chairs, and the brightly colored woven egg chair is amazing. I am definitely having a rainbow moment right now. ;)

A striped rug and painted shelves in analogous hues are a fun way to brighten the space but keep it balanced.

I just love the funky and geometric rugs that are incorporated into each room. Rugs are always a tough thing for me to choose since I like them to make a statement without overwhelming the eye. These rugs compliment the existing color palette nicely.

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  1. okay, I NEED that hanging chair!
    love your blog:)

  2. Alice - I know, right!? That fabric is sublime!

    Thea - Thanks so much! So sweet of you to say that. :)

  3. This is so beautiful. Amazing splash of colors.

  4. lemon yellow seat cushions is what!!!!! omg, i love them and NEED them to be mine! but then again rainbow hanging nook is pretty darn skippy too. omg, great finds Kir. ♥

    pea ess < bisous to you for the restyle love >

  5. ooo i am just loving these rooms. my favorite is prob the second to last one. how sweet is that!


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