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Glasses - I have been rocking them since 1999, and have yet to find the perfect pair. Having gone through 4 pairs since my eyesight began to wither away to near blindness, my current specs are less than spectacular. I always take them off when taking photos, and look like a real champ with those annoying red dots on the side of my nose. Don't even get me started about the dork factor my crooked glasses give me because of my uneven ears.  Enter Tortoise & Blonde - a modern alternative to classic eyewear designed for functional versatility and grounded in craftsmanship and details.

I not only want to rock the frames in this line, I NEED to rock the frames in this line....they are the epitome of cool. Launching today at SXSW, any of you lucky readers that are there in Austin should stop by their booth and give the makers of Tortoise & Blonde a hug for me.

As a gal who wears her glasses the majority of the time, I am seriously wanting to wear every single frame that I have seen in the collection around the clock.... which fits in perfectly with the brands motto of "one today, another tomorrow." Wear them all? Don't mind if I do! Plus, Tortoise & Blonde eyewear is affordable....around $100 to $150 a pop, the founders of Tortoise & Blonde are officially my new fave people. I am now proud to be a four eye. 
 {Images by Tortoise & Blonde}

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  1. These are some great frames! I got my first pair of glasses a year and a half ago, and the optician told me in no uncertain terms that I have a freakishly small face. Very hard for me to find frames, but I finally ended up with a pair of Betsey Johnson ones I love.

  2. Wow, I LOVE those first frames! So gorgeous. I've been needing some new glasses. I think I need a new pair because my eyes have gotten worse... Perhaps within the year! Great choices.


  3. I love those! I need new frames so so bad

  4. These are great! But I have to say, the second pair is my favorite!!

    Happy Weekend Dear! xo


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