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With my upcoming trip to California on the horizon and after the great response to my first post about how to pack light for trips ranging from a few days to a few weeks, I decided to do a follow-up to solve that pesky "no liquids" and "3 oz and under" rule. You know how there is always some guy getting pissed off about TSA tossing his pomade, or some lady freaking out about her expensive perfume getting red lighted? Here are some tips and tricks to meet those requirements to keep your precious products from getting trashed and to keep you from being "that person."

{Travel containers from The Container Store}

1. Transfer products into appropriate-sized containers.
You can either go to a shop and buy some travel containers, or you can do as I do...reuse the empties that you swiped from previous hotel stays. Just peel the original labels off, and you have yourself the perfect vessel at no additional cost. When filling up the empties for your trip, put a piece of scotch tape around the container and use a permanent marker to scribble what it is on your removable tape "label."
{Burt's Bees Complexion Soap}

2. Swap out for solids.
Keep in mind that all your liquids have to fit into a quart-size plastic baggie, so some products that you typically use liquid versions of can be swapped for solids. Some facial cleansers come in bar form, and you can use a solid perfume to scent yourself while traveling.
{Malin + Goetz essentials set via 3floz}
3. Shop the travel aisles, and keep a plastic bin under the sink with all the toiletries you will need.
Head on over to your local drugstore or Target, and shop the travel section. One amazing site that specializes in TSA-approved portions is is a wonderful collection of portable beauty products from the best brands around the globe. I keep a plastic bin underneath the sink stocked with all my travel items for quick and easy packing....extra contact cases, travel-size saline solution, mini toothpastes, mini shampoos/conditioners/hairsprays, empty bottles to transfer face stuff into, etc.

{Image Via LoveToKnow}
4. Go to beauty stores and stock up on samples.
This is one way that you can try out new products and meet those pesky requirements. Load up on freebies like perfumes (the skinny tubes take up no space at all and last surprisingly long!), concealers, face creams, and more. Most shops either have pre-made samples to give you or a sales associate will make one for you if you ask.

Happy travels!

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  1. I didn't know that you could ask for samples- how awesome!

  2. Great tips! I'm going to Philly next week & was feeling anxious on how to pack efficiently with just a carry-on.


  3. i wish I had read this before I left for CA. I packed my clear bag with all my favorite face make up and mascara and when I went to the airport the TSA guy made me take it away from the same bin as my carry on.. not sure why but I never saw it again and didn't realize it until after I got to CA.


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