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Honoré Des Prés is a French perfume company with one of the most fantastic packaging designs I have ever seen....all their pretty little scented treats come ready for spritzing in a to-go cup. A perfume from their "We Love NY" collection would be a fab Valentine's Day gift, so start dropping the hints to your special someone now...just take your pick between Love Coco, Les Carottes, or Vamp à NY!
Les Carottes is made with carrot blossom, sweet orange, vanilla, patchouli and iris. Vamp à NY is based on tuberose, with rum and resins. Love Coco is a mix of coconut, vanilla and coriander leaves. I really liked the Vamp à NY and Les Carottes (and NO, you will not end up smelling like a salad)...the Coco was a bit too “island-ish” for my taste. These lovely scents are completely unique and stand apart from so many of the others I have sniffed in the past...definitely not the saccharine-sweet fruity and floral stuff you find in most stores. The best part about these perfumes is how they are mellow but true to the 100% organic ingredients’ naturally yummy scent. While these scents aren’t for every gal out there, I think they definitely worth a shot.
Editor's Note: I approached Honoré Des Prés, and was offered complimentary samples (pictured in this post) in order to conduct my review. In no way did this influence my review....the above info is the 100% unbiased opinion of yours truly!

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  1. Never heard of it before. Excited to check it out!

  2. I know this is kind of unrelated, but your bangs are so cute and your hair color looks lovely. Hiii, you're adorable! And also unrelated: Do you do the tightlining thing on the lower lashes too? Um, leave it to me to bring it back to hair/makeup. Sorry! The perfume looks great too! ;)

  3. Oh how lovely is that packaging?! I adore it! Off to check out there site now :)


  4. PS. Just realized I wasn't following you! So sorry! Fixed now :) (You're still on my sidebar, of course xoxo)


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