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Hello, TMT loves! Today officially marks the first post on Triple Max Tons not written by yours truly. Part of my TMT resolution for 2011 was to find the most inspirational and uber-cool bloggers on the web, and invite them to hang out on TMT. For the first guest post, the  fantastic Lynn from hearted girl  was naturally my go-to gal. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you are seriously missing's chockablock with awesomeness. An e-pal from the get go, she really knocked this one outta the park and I couldn't be happier to have her on TMT today. Thanks so much, Lynn! xoxo

Good day TMT peeps! Lynn here from hearted girl, I am super chuffed to have been invited into maestro fresh master Kirsten's Triple Max Tons world for a guest post today. When Kir approached me with the idea I was tickled pink; then pretty much danced it out after hearing what the topic would be. A Valentine's Day dose of bright & bubbly; the kind of clothes that would even make Meg Ryan utter the iconic phrase "I'll have whatever she's having"! Featuring one adorable skirt - two ways:
1. Flower Bee Bracelet, Meghan Los Angeles
2. Sugared Grapefruit Bodysuit, Anthropologie
3. A One and A Turmeric Top, ModCloth
4. Ethnic Embroidered Stretch Belt, eShakti
5. Pink Convertible Skirt, ModCloth
6. Basic Microfiber Tights, Charlotte Russe
7. Langford Two-Tone High-Heel Oxfords, J.CREW
8. Along The Wharf Cardigan, Anthropologie
1. Factory Mosaic Crystal Earrings, J.CREW
2. Hearts Desire Cardigan, Anthropologie
3. Pink Convertible Skirt, ModCloth
4. Criss Cross Bow Tight, ShopStyle
5. Odeon High-Heel Oxfords, J.CREW
6. The Love Ring, 80s Purple
7. Make My Man Tee, 80s Purple
I hope these composite collections have been inspiring and fun, they sure were for me while making them. Time to nutter-flutter home now but not before saying another HUGE thanks to my host and all of you for reading! xo &hearts

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  1. so pretty...and yay!!! for year and continues to be fabulous...I look forward to whatever is triple max wonderful for the day.

  2. The skirt is awesome. Happy weekend.

  3. I am kind of loving that green sweater! Happy Friday :)

  4. Excellent choices Lynn! And excellent choice for a guest blogger!

  5. Ok I'll wear whatever she's wearing :) so cute. I love the shoes and tops.

  6. I looove your outfit picks for the skirt! so fun :)

  7. i love how with just a few changes, you took one skirt and gave it two lives! such beautiful ensembles-both would be stellar picks for valentine's day!

  8. Ohhh, how lovely! I love both collections! I'm so glad Spring is just around the corner!

  9. ohh I love the looks! truly inspiring :) great guest post!


  10. thank a you lovely ladies! and HUGE thanks again kirsten, this was so fun to be apart of. xo ♥


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