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I recently discovered this new jewelry collection, and I love it. Versatile? Check! Handmade? Check! Unique? Check! The line just oozes California cool, and it makes me miss my old stomping grounds oh so much. Definitely putting these on my "buy someday" list.....and on that note, I need a bigger jewelry box.

Here's a bit about the line:

"Dream Collective, Kathryn Bentley's new line of high-end costume jewelry, sends us back in time to a more primitive era. Like ancient relics from a prehistoric age, Bentley's pieces are wrought from rudimentary elements such as oxidized brass and bone, wood and antique African beads. With references to indigenous cultures and primordial forms, the Dream Collective line combines roughly hewn shapes and raw textures with natural, subdued tones for a primal, earthy delicacy."

Kathryn totally nailed it. Bravo!

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  1. i could totally see you wearing each of these! the textures are really interesting, whenever i'm wearing a piece like this i end up playing with it endlessly. not only do they look good, they feel good too.

    super adore the necklace beads, like little tumblers or perhaps those nonpareil jellies i used to love as a kid. thanks for the intro kir!

    happy week wishes lades. ♥

  2. Need, need, NEED! Super pretty collection! Glad you've pointed this out to us readers. Lovely!



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