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{Image Via Priscila Peters}
This just proves nothing is as chic and simple as a good pair of jeans, a hot pair of boots, the perfect white tee, and basic accessories. Oh ya, and mastering that gorgeous tousled bed-head hair is officially on top of my list. It's too bad I royally suck at anything involving styling my mane.

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  1. I've found some tricks to get that hair! Don't wash your hair the day you decide to do it. Use dry shampoo to absorb oil and add texture and tease it a bit on the crown, and then use your curling iron and, in small sections, wrap pieces of hair around the barrel (but don't use the clamp!), and hold it there for a good 10-20 seconds. Then finger comb through it, maybe add some hair spray, and voila!

    But yes, having her wardrobe would be very awesome.

  2. OK, that opening title line made me smile, ha! Yes, I love this look too. I also find putting your hair up in a bun, and spraying some hairgel on it - and unraveling the bun after a good hour creates a sort of wavy, touseled look. You must do pics if you experiment!

  3. i just found your blog! it's so awesome. i can't wait to keep reading :)


  4. Hi, I am new to yoru blog too and I am in love.

    This look here is perfection. I love every single thing on her and you are so right - her tousled effortlessly cool hair is a part of the whole look.

  5. you're right on jeans, tee and boots, a basic outfit is always chic!

    like your new header too and also the new home page!

  6. Aah I love this! I'm with you on the perfect bed-head hair.

    Hosting a giveaway today if you're interested!

  7. Basic is always awesome with great accessories!
    Love this post!

  8. Haha I know right? The bed-head look is super duper cool.

  9. this is so so true! do you know I actually read in Cosmo (or a similar type of mag) that if guys could dress their woman any way they wanted, most would opt for a white tee and jeans?! crazy!
    but this gal looks so chic the way she put her outfit together. love those shoes!


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