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{Images by Matt Neville for Magali Pascal)
Magali Pascal made it's debut on Triple Max Tons in my very first style post the other day, and I figured I would share a little bit more about the brand. I first discovered the French-based designer in the town of Seminyak in Bali...and was a wee bit obsessed. I think I visited the shop about 4 or 5 times while I was in town, mulling over which beautiful piece I wanted to take home. Wish I could have taken it all!!!

French-born Magali Pascal sources her beautiful fabrics and finds most of her inspiration in Paris, designing the majority of the collection in her native country. However, most of the line is produced in Bali....hence the multiple shops set up in the beachy Seminyak and Kuta areas.
I agree 100% with the words from Magali's website: "The combination of Magali’s two favourite places on earth, her rigorous training, and her undeniable talent creates a label with a distinct handwriting that is clear in every item she produces. Magali Pascal has a surreal style - simple, yet beautifully embellished. Fabrics glisten and glitter with a youthful radiance. There is a girly element to the label, without girly frills and flowers. And it’s that very rare find, the perfect shortcut to glamour for day and night." Couldn't have said it better myself.
Plus, the photography is amazing...love it!

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  1. Love these pieces, what I would label as
    'effortlessly chic'. Never heard of and
    individual and perfect for new years parties
    world over.
    Do check my christmas post for you!

  2. beautiful pieces and gorgeous designs!!!

  3. oh kirsten, i love the sun-bathed balloons and her hair is EPIC! whoever does their photography, i agree, is like a legend. thanks for the intro to this line, gosh i just love that little puff sleeved bolero! made in Bali, who knew?! incredz, as always.

    um, ya so hey....check it! xox

  4. I must say i visited her boutique in seminyak and was charmed by the way she traducted " french légèreté" magnifique!!!


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