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Little known fact: I LOVE printmaking. I took some art classes in college, and one of them was dedicated to printmaking in all it's glorious forms. I had a stash of linoleum tucked away in my craft bin, and decided to make a custom stamp for decorating gift tags and the kraft wrapping paper I frequently use. Having just received a Dala horse as a wedding gift (I come from a long line of super duper awesome Swedes with an amazing collection of these painted ponies), I decided to carve away and have that be the 2010 holiday mascot. 

This is also a great last minute gift idea! All you need is a piece of linoleum, a cutter, some ink pads, and plain card stock. Carve your custom stamp, stamp the card stock to create one-of-a-kind stationary, wrap it up in raffia, put it in a cellophane baggie, throw in some inkpads (and the stamp if you want to)....and voila! A heartfelt and handmade gift that your friends and family are sure to treasure.

Took me an hour tops, and most of that was me being a dork and redrawing the design on the horse about 4 times. I would suggest you all try it and send me pics if you do! For newbies not familiar with the technique, check out this great tutorial archive for creating a linoleum stamp from Gennine's Art Blog and watch the video to see it in action. Now let those creative juices flow and get carving!

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  1. Love that dala Horse. So pretty in white. I have seen them in orange and blue but the white is wonderful.The card idea is great for some extra fun.

  2. cute! you've got skills! glad we made it into the pic :) oh the good old days.

  3. What a cute idea! You always post such inspiring things! I love it! Your horse stamp is adorable, btw. I am diy-challenged, and my stamp would not look as cute at all..hahaha.

    Stop by again soon!

  4. love the card with the dala horse next to the wooden one... the ornaments inside the glass container look fantastic!!!

  5. What a cute holiday card!! I love the little horse too... Merry christmas eve eve!

  6. omg girl, you are like the furthest thing away from dorkdom as can be! i adore your stamp creation, so clever and darling. say, is that one of the fragrantly delicious voluspa candles i see? mmm, so good.

    i was taking my time, getting caught up on all your ahhh-mazing posts i've missed from being super bogged down by the season must-dos and then i saw new sidebar addition. what the waaaa? thanks so much for including me on your blogroll loves. wow, just stunned and super grateful. ♥


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