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For this amazing Chanel handbag. J'adore!  I have never seen this chevron pattern before, and it's a real treasure.

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To learn how to play guitar. John has been playing a lot this week, and has tried to teach me a few chords (with little luck...siiigh). One day I just might remember them and embrace my inner rock star.

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Lazy day today....didn't put on any make-up or get "dressed" really. Still deciding if that is a pro or con of working from home. Either way, I am fine with it so long as I have my cozy 291 hoodie and leggings. I would post a pic but that would be horrifying for all parties involved. ;)

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  1. I am absolutely LOVING the pattern of that Chanel bag! Want want want!

  2. that is one gorgeous bag..what an icredible blue.

  3. love the bag and good luck with the guitar! I am sure you'll learn soon enough!


  4. The chevron Chanel bags are to die for, I saw an absolutely exquisite dark teal lambskin one back home in Atlanta.

  5. I yearn to own a Chanel bag one day! Ohhhh I so hope to! Great post! I'm your newest follower! Love your layout!


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