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Want to change up your 'do? Look no further than this simple braided's chic, looks pretty polished or unkempt,  and most importantly - it's really easy. Here's how to get the look:
  1. Pick up one of these essentials - a hair donut- from your local beauty supply store. They make these in all sorts of colors and styles - the one below is a 3" round for blondies like myself. If you would rather go the budget route, you can cut the toe end off a clean tube sock and roll it up. Either way works.
  2. Start by parting your hair down the middle, and then braid some of the hair on the sides. 
  3. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, and secure with a hair tie.
  4. Pull your ponytail through the hole, and start bobbie pinning hair section by section around the donut. Don't worry about longer hair sticking out quite yet - you'll fix that at the end. Another way to go about this is to fan the hair around the donut and pull a hair tie over it.
  5. Once the donut is fully covered, take the longer hair pieces and twist them around the base of your chignon. Pin in place.
  6. Voila- a beautiful hairstyle in under 5 mins!
If you want a video tutorial, you can get the gist by tuning into this YouTube video. I am warning you though - the music is loud and terrible, so you will want to mute your comp if you are at work (or just because you don't want to subject your ears to that kind of abuse).

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  1. Gorgeous! I love this look, I definitely want to try this.

  2. how fabulous is that! wonderful fresh look.

  3. gosh, what a gor-GEE-ous blog lades! I've just spent sometime going through your posts and am super happy to find you cos i pretty much adore everything.

    this ones so cute, love the "clean" tube sock reference, we girls certainly don't want unnecessary tang in our tresses.

    happiness to you and thanks for sharing such wonderfuls ♥

  4. Your hair looks sooo cute! You should totally post up a video of how to do it too! I'd love to try this on my hair.

    Stop by again soon!

  5. I love this.. I am going to try it for my next outfit post.



  6. This is such a beautiful hairstyle. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Greetings from a fellow Bostonian. I love your blog and I am following you now.


  7. well isn't that pretty. whoever's behind me will be all like "aww look at her hair" :D

  8. so soo so beautiful!! def wanna try the look!! <3

    follow you!


  9. this is soo cute! I def. want to try it

  10. We use these in the Navy to keep our hair pulled back and neat. (hair donuts) An easy way to make your own is to take a *clean* sock and cut the toe off. Then roll it up into a donut. Way easier than shopping around for one :)


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