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Behold the Adjust-A-Button!!! No more unbuttoning your pants after Thanksgiving feasts and bringing attention to the fact that you have zero self restraint when it comes to a second helping of pie. Gone are the days of muffin tops hanging over jeans after stuffing yourself into those skinnies. Sayonara waist gaps and  whale tail. Adios bulky belts that make you look like you have a weird bulgy tumor underneath your tee. Say hello to a perfect fit with this instant button for jeans. Shall I keep going? Ok ok, I'll spare you the rest but seriously....go pick one of these up. A total must-have for Thanksgiving dinner and the post-traumatic food coma it induces. ;)

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  1. hahhaha I love the whales too!!! I wish they made prints of that picture... maybe they do?

  2. Oh My goodness! Are you kidding me... this is a fabulous idea for those of us that are Loosing Weight and not wanting to buy a whole new waredrobe in between or even those who are gaining weight with pre-baby belly...

    AWESOME! Thanks for the inside scoop!

    Yours Truly

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