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How cute are Eva Juliet's illustrations? Everything in Eva's Etsy shop is made and designed by Eva in her little design studio in Quebec, a french province in Canada.The multi-talented art director, graphic designer, illustrator, designs all of her pieces in both French and English...love that, but it  makes it so hard to pick which I like better! I just want to buy them all and plaster them on every inch of my kitchen walls (ufortunately there isn't many inches to cover...*tear*). I hope  you enjoy her simple, clean, crisp drawings with stunningly beautiful calligraphy as much as I do. Oui!  I'll take one of each, please. :) More of her work below...so read on!

All photos via Eva Juliet

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  1. Very cute indeed. I love it. :)
    Fashion Ranger

  2. Hey Boston blogger!:) Love your blog, very creative and fun

  3. Really loving her work, thanks for sharing!

    x M.


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