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While walking around Newbury Street, John and I stumbled across Sweet bakery. After publicly renouncing "all sugary crap from my life" the night before, my sweet tooth got the best of me and I begged John to let me go in. Ugh I have no willpower whatsoever...but that's another story for another day. Anyways, John eventually conceded to my pleas, and in we walked to one of the most adorable bake shops I have ever been in. The entire shop is so beautifully branded - the wallpaper, menus, tables, and chairs are all perfect.

I was intending to get just one....I left with six. The "Karat Cake" (a carrot cupcake topped with gold leaf!) was especially sublime - so moist and decadent. With a witty name like that, how can you not love it?  Baked fresh every morning on location, all of the frosting and fillings are handmade from the finest ingredients and it shows. If you live in the Boston area, I would seriously suggest heading down to one of their two locations and treating yourself to one (or two or three!) of these luxe little cupcakes.

Look at these cute ones for Halloween! This is one treat I would certainly knock down doors for!

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  1. Hey, very nice blog! I love Boston, I lived there :) I miss it!


  2. god they are cute :) i couldn't resist them too... they must taste heavenly! :) xo
    fashion_freak, editor of http://myfashionlustlist.blogspot.com

  3. i live near boston! i am so going!


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