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Having just moved into what is probably one of the tiniest (but cutest!) one bedrooms in Boston and ditching all of our furniture in LA, I have been in hunting-and-gathering mode to find furniture and decor. That is why I was thrilled when I discovered Coco Rocha's colorful Gramercy Park (Manhattan) apartment.  She and husband, artist James Conran, have inspiring and eclectic style that is completely unique. Seriously, how many people do you know that could have a purple sofa in their house and make it look amazing? Read more...

“When I was first decorating the apartment, I asked an interior designer about adding mirrors just like these, and he estimated a cost of about $15,000,” says Rocha (pictured with husband James Conran) of her living room. “But then I went to Crate & Barrel and found the exact same mirrors—all eight of them— for $200! I love it when I find a good bargain.”

“I had a company come in to build my closet,” Rocha says. “There were a few things that were important to me, like drawers for my jewelry, a shoe area, a makeup counter, and plenty of space to put my clothes.” Although she crafted her dream closet, the model admits that half her collection of clothes has overflowed into the closets in her guest bedroom/study.

“These teapots are from all the different places I have been to for photo shoots—from Morocco to Michigan,” Rocha says. “It was James’s idea to cover the books in old newspaper, and one of the books is actually wrapped in a paper from June 1911, which is almost 100 years before our wedding date.”

  “These are Andy Warhol’s actual candleholders. I got them at one of his estate sales and thought they were the coolest thing,” she says. “I gifted them to James, but then he moved in with me and, luckily, I got them back!” 

“My closet is full of a lot of vintage pieces, and everything is very random,” she says of choosing her own clothes for her sitting. “I have Tudor-era clothes mixed in with pieces for the 1920s and 1940s.

Source and photos via Vogue

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  1. Yo! This blog rocks!

  2. I love this eclectic style! The mirrors tilted are perfect perfect! thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Coco Rocha, she has such a great personality! And maybe it helps that she is a fellow Canadian :)
    Loooove her apartment!! I would live there in a minute.


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