DIY Terrariums With Slavonk & Hortus at Loveding

8:30 AM

Earlier this week, a bunch of seriously awesome Austin blogger babes and creative cool kids gathered together at LoveDing for a Slavonk & Hortus Terraria DIY terrarium workshop. LoveDing is a total gem on the southside of Austin, and most definitely my new favorite shop...I was literally stroking out over all the amazingly priced vintage finds, adorable art, hilarious cards, soft blankets, neon Acapulco chairs, and gifts that would be very hard to actually not keep for yourself. I kinda went into hoard mode, and picked up a few goodies that I couldn't resist...including that very fancy gold Morrocan poof and a cute Turkish towel. Nothing like an oversized impulse buy to make the night (and my living room) feel extra special. ;) 

I don't know if it was the excitement of being surrounded by some of my favorite baes in Austin (I'm looking at you, JesseMichelleCelineSaraTinaBrittAnneAshleyChelsea, and Kelsey...), the thrill of getting my hands dirty while making the cutest little terrarium there ever was, or the completely beautiful heart-fluttering objects that surrounded us, but that night was seriously one of the best times I've had in a while. 

If all this fabulousness has you itching for a trip down south, you should definitely come anytime...but definitely try to make it to the next Terrarium Workshop at LoveDing on June 30th ($40). It's a guaranteed good time. Reserve your tix here!

I copped this photo from the beautiful Jesse Coulter...she's the fox in the middle. Michelle and Sara are to her left, Celine and some ridiculously tall weird chick with a strangely named blog to her right. ;)


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