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Miyu Beauty* // So, this Canadian beauty line is just a winning combo of beautiful packaging and fulfilled promises. I literally ticked off almost every single box in the "you'll love it if" section (you do not drink enough water, consume too many caffeinated beverages, travel frequently, live in dry climates or just naturally have parched skin....guilty as charged!), and my super dry skin did in fact love it. My thirsty skin tends to get red and flaky around my nose and cheeks, and a light dusting of the nutrient-rich facial mist seemed to calm my redness down while adding a little boost of extra hydration to my moisturizer. I'm totally stashing it in my purse to keep my face from looking too hot mess when it gets crazy hot out in upcoming months (ahhh, summer is coming!).  I feel so very Marilyn Monroe when I spray on this botanical blend and sip my pretty anti-oxidant and collagen-boosting tea in a silky robe. I highly recommend giving the line a try (Anthropologie just started selling their collection because I'm telling you, this is good stuff!), or you could stock up on some mists and teas since they make for a fab gift too!

Bikinis // Most of my bathing suits were sun-bleached tattered rags, so I snatched up this ae tropic floral corset bikini top and bottom, along with this crocheted style and fringed bottoms. I did chuckle a bit when I discovered my 12 year old niece shops at the same store that her old auntie just got some beach swag from. Isn't that what the beginning of a quarter life crisis entails?

Mercer Bib Necklace // My co-worker Pam is a seriously dangerous threat when it comes to any ounce of maintaining my budget. I pretty much want anything and everything she wears. She came prancing into work the other day wearing this necklace, and when I learned it was a cool $28, I had to literally stop myself from sprinting to my car and driving to Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, I also got this kimono, several of these undies, this bra and this bra because I am a weakling when it comes to budgeting and they were running a special promotion ending that day. Damnit, Pam.

Fouta Towel // I bought mine at a local Austin shop called Take Heart a little bit ago because I have a weird obsession with pretty handmade fouta towels. With only a few options in stock at the store, I went gaga when I saw the huge beach wrap and towel collection at Nine Space. It's super impressive, and offers some rad huge striped options to take to the beach or pool. You can even use them as a cute tablecloth. Multitasking! Hooray!

Gizeh Birkenstocks // My unstylish self has been rocking Birks since I was a lanky 15 year old living life in the good ol' fashioned Midwest. This is the 4th pair I own, and I purchased them 4 years ago for our honeymoon to Bali. Man, I am super lucky these ugly-chic shoes are back in style because it somehow justifies my bizarre loyalty to wearing Birks (even in -17 degree weather when I was in high school....seriously, that's how true blue I was).

Panama Hat // Yet another thing I've had for quite some time that has been getting lots of wear lately, I would by this J.Crew hat in a rainbow of colors if they had them. I love it. I wish they had a navy blue option!

*I was sent complimentary samples from Miyu to review the line, and the above review is my 100% honest opinion. It's really great stuff, you guys!


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  1. I LOVE that bathing suit, and it looks like it could cover my big bottom! We might be twinsies!

  2. that swimsuit is CUTTTTEEE. I need to get my ass in gear and buy a new one already. american eagle...who would have thought.

  3. Living in Germany now, I can't tell you how glad I am the Birk trend is back too! I've only been brave enough to wear the Gizeh for the past few years, but I feel it's time to fully embrace the trend and go all the way with some white Arizonas. And why not? It's a lot less of an investment over here (about 40€, as opposed to the 130 J.Crew is charging!), so even if the rage is over after this season, it will have been fun while it lasted. Not to mention comfortable.

    Love the bikini too. Reminds me I need to schedule some kind of beach holiday away from the city this summer...

  4. That bikini is adorable! (And this has me dreaming of a vacation!)
    xx Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.


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