Obsessed: Do Or Dye Hair Challenge

9:30 PM

If you know me, you know I'm a little obsessed with watching hair tutorials on Youtube. Chignons, braids, halos, fishtails, buns, Hollywood waves, pin curls....you name it, I've watched it at least 2242345 times. Ironically, I pretty much suck at doing my hair on the regular (hello, rushed mornings and thank you, dry shampoo!!!) and usually blow-dry it straight-ish. Time to step up my game a little bit, because it's getting B-O-R-I-N-G. Not even a recent (and good) haircut was able to spice up my same-old-same-old style rut.

I came across the hair challenge from the fabulous Bueno Bueno sisters recently, and am more than obsessed with all the amazing challenge tutorials (knots! fishtails!) and submissions so far. I lurkishly stalk their blog on the regular, and am pretty psyched to have a little extra hair inspo from all their stylish readers coming in on the social media side. I mean, you gals are goooooood! How do you have time for this in the AM? Any tips for how to French braid on yourself? I can't seem to master it! I know how to do it in theory, but my fingers get all tangled up and I always end up dropping and confusing the pieces. It's just a disaster. 

Anyways, if you want to get some super rad hair inspo, follow these hashtags: #buenobuenohairfun #doordyetxhairchallenge and don't forget to submit your own pics! I'm hoping to do something cool, clever and fabulous......so long as I don't hit the snooze button for the 4th time tomorrow morning. Seriously. 4 times.


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  1. YES YES AND YES! I am doing a post next week regarding their teased half pony braid! That' been my fave so far!


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