Bon Weekend!

7:00 AM

I love every inch of this space. Via Lovely Life.
I've got work, work and then some more work so there won't be too much downtime for me this weekend. Maybe on Sunday we can sneak up to my parents house and take a dip in the pool (didn't do that all summer....that's the one good thing about fall basically being non-existent here in Austin). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Leaving y'all with some fun weekend reading...enjoy the winks (weekend links)!

+ This DIY dip-dye headband....I love it. Get on my head this instant.

+ A sneak peek into Elsie's very cool living room.

+ Adding Eden East to my long list of tasty places to visit in Austin.

+ It's officially Tribeza Style Week! I'll be working the Maya Star and Co-Star booths at Cycle Night, Shop Hop and the Fashion Show, so come say hi!

+ Speaking of which, this beauty trick will definitely come in handy this week.

+ New calligraphic font alert! This one is mighty's called Asterism. Have I told you I have a font hoarding problem?

+ " I skip this aisle because I'm not rich enough to have dietary restrictions." A hilarious article about surviving Whole Foods.

+ The perfect army green top for under $50? You're welcome.


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  1. Thank you, thank you for that dark circles under the eye trick... Thank you.

    Kate from Clear the Way


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