That Time I Was On TV....

1:41 PM

...and talked about one of my most favorite topics ever: THE RAMIFICATIONS OUR FOREIGN POLICY HAS ON THE ECONOMY. Har har har, did you also know I moonlight as a comedian?? ;) For real though, I had the pleasure of filming a segment on the 4th of July with our friends at KXAN on behalf of Maya Star and Co-Star, and shared some of our favorite pieces in the stores that will keep you looking cool this summer, even as the temps creep upwards of 100 degrees. Check out the clip to see the one and only Hangerface Stoddard in action (my TV debut!), get the scoop on what's trending this summer, and stylish tips for how to wear it!

See something you just have to have? All you have to do is come visit us at Co-Star on 1708 S. Congress Ave...or email me and we can arrage to have it shipped if it's not on the website yet! I heart my new job.


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  1. You were a natural! So adorable, way to be famous! Xo-Michelle

  2. fashionista pleasaJuly 6, 2013 at 2:55 PM

    you rocked it! what a great interview.

  3. How fun - and you looked fantastic! Publicity must be going around. I just got interviewed by a local newspaper for a feature they do on local bloggers. Kind of an exciting little rush, isn't it? ;) Keep up the good work!

  4. yay such a rockstar! LOVED this!


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