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Prior to hearing the gospel according to SPF 45, I absolutely murdered my skin in the sun. My super fair skin is riddled with zillions of little sunspots and freckles, and is pretty splotchy. I basically look like a mole-covered pink-hued ghost 24/7. I kid you not...John snapped one picture of me on our honeymoon where I literally look like a freckled member of the Volturi (the hideous bleach blonde highlights I got for our wedding did jack squat to combat that likeness). I'm surprised the locals weren't all "Leyak is back!!! Aggghhhhhh!!! Run! RUN!"

Anywho, I am running dangerously low on my most favorite tinted moisturizer on the face of the planet, and since the tax fairy wasn't exactly kind to us this year, I'm going to try and find an alternative drugstore option that covers, nourishes and protects. That sounds like a BB cream, doesn't it!? These souped-up tinted moisturizers hydrate, even out skin, protect with anti-aging ingredients, and offer a dose of SPF. It's a hefty promise, but after trying a sample that I ripped out of a magazine, my curiosity is piqued. I think I'm going to give this, this and this a try and see how they measure up. Hopefully better than my beloved Dior. ;) Do any of you use BB creams? Thoughts?


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  1. I swear by Dr. Jart BB cream. It is a life saver. I hate wearing foundation because I wear it for work (I'm a model) and I hate the heaviness of it.
    I started using Dr. Jart about 8 months ago because I'm super fair and my face can get red in annoying areas that I wanted to cover. It does just the trick and its spf 45, which is awesome. It doesn't feel heavy at all (I often forget I'm using anything tinted on my face at all). I apply it with my hands which is easiest for me because if it involved any type of application brush or sponge I would never use it.
    I get it at Sephora, its one color fits all which I was very skeptical of at the beginning but it actually blends right in (like I said I'm fair, I'm a redhead).
    Anyway good luck on your search!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    1. Ok, two things:

      1. I'm jealous of your hair color. It is absolutely gorgeous (as is your blog!). If I ever get the courage to color my hair, I'm going red! Viva la ginge.

      2. Putting that one on the list to try! Not sure it's much more economical than the tinted moisturizer I was using, but if you hold it in such high regard, well then...sign me up!

  2. i use the garnier one on weekends when i don't want to put alot on my face...i like it but it's quite light & wouldnt use everyday. im curious to hear what you think of the other 2!

    1. I bought the Maybelline one yesterday. I think if I had legit skin problems or major redness (aside from sun damage and uneven skin tone), it definitely wouldn't fit the bill since this one goes on pretty light too. I do like that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup though. Granted, after one day of use, I like it but I don't *love* it yet.

  3. Hi Kristen! I love Garnier BB Cream and now they have the oil free formula which is about the only thing that bothered me before. It is pretty great and very price friendly. If you want, I also recommend Lumine. They have a two bottles in one combined creme that you can add tint to and it is pretty amazing. It isn't a BB, it's just a sunscreen daily moisturizer with an optional tint. Also price friendly.


  4. I use a BB cream and love it. I've been using a Dr. Jart one from Sephora. I like it because it moisturizes and has good SPF, and I won't leave the house without sunscreen. It makes my skin tone even out and gives my skin a glowy look overall, but it feels more sheer than normal liquid foundation. just came out with a blind test article on BB creams today that was really interesting. Basically a drug store brand (Loreal, I think) came in second place. I'm thinking about trying that or the Smashbox one they recommended next time I run out. Check it out:

  5. I do not love the Maybelline one. It makes me super shiny and I don't even have oily skin. I actually just finished the tube of the one I had and I'm thinking of trying either the Rimmel or the Revlon BB Cream next.

  6. tarte's tinted bb cream is my absolute favorite. you only need *just enough,* the coverage stays put and lasts, and no color has ever matched my skin so well. on a warm day in austin when my pores are open to the world, i dab a little extra on the puffy parts of my checks to keep them from getting too red. then i don't have to worry and i can go on with my day. plus, it's all vegan!

    looking forward to reading what worked.

    xo nicole

  7. bb is the way to go...the sunscreen is so important.I am trying one that I got at costco...working well!

  8. I just started using Cover Girl BB cream last week because it was cheap, and I LOVE it. So awesome and light and I swear my skin looks better already. My husband even noticed!


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