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I'm not the biggest fan of all the cray-cray nail art (I'm looking at you, Katy Perry) that's been "trendy" for what seems like ages. Maybe I just don't have 2 hours to spend painting my nails only to discover the design looks like crap, or maybe I lack the patience to sit still to let my Michelangelo-worthy masterpieces dry without goofing it up, or maybe it's that I just don't have the heart to see my creations chip away after I scrub-a-dub the dishes. These are mysteries to which the answers I'll never know. What I am a fan of? The fact that matte nail polish has made a comeback. It popped up on the digits of models prancing down the NYFW runways at Alexander Wang, Kaelen, and Angel Sanchez.

To get on the matte bandwagon, all you need is around $10 to invest in a mattifying nail polish top coat from Essie, OPI, Butter, Deborah Lippmann or good ol' Revlon. Any color in your current collection can now be worn as an uber-chic matte polish. I especially think it looks cool when paired with a shiny tip or polka dot. Cute!


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  1. I have the navy blue OPI matte polish and I love it. It dries super fast and looks super cool.


  2. loving matte nail polish! like you, i cringe at the thought of spending so much time on beautiful nail art only to watch it chip. but matte nail polish is something i love. i read you can diy it yourself using either clear nail polish and powdered eye shadow or mixing corn starch into pigmented nail polish. i'll have to give it a try! xo

  3. I actually bought matte nail polish but it disappeared somewhere between the shopping cart, the cashier, and when I got home. Tragedy. I guess it's time to try again, love the inspo pics!

  4. im also a huge fan of the crazy nail trends too. i've yet to try the matte finish, but i have post of these pictures pinned, so clearly i need to jump on that bandwagon. love this post! xo

  5. I LOVE matte nail polish.. but I have yet to find any! I'm like you girl... I don't have patience to be fancy pants with nail art, but I LOVE me some easy peasy cuteness... like matte colors!

  6. I love matte nails -- I don't have the patience for elaborate nail art either.
    xo Josie

  7. I love the matte polish! And I love that navy matte color you show above.

  8. thought about this the other day- still havent tried it though... :)

  9. boy you nailed it on this post! these are so fun...can't wait to try it out.


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