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So, tell me....what are your 2013 resolutions?!

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  1. I'm being whole-foodsy too! I've been gluten-free and Vegan for awhile now, but I need to have less crap like all that processed stuff.

    Here's to US and our healthier selves!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. We have a few of the same resolutions - working out, finishing DIY projects and not leave them half finished in the basement, working on our house...along with more reading, more cooking and trying to enjoy the moment more and not just stressing out all the time thinking I should be doing something constantly.

  3. Number 6 and 8 are my faves!!!!! Get a dog - you'll never regret it!!! Also, "one who can bring home the bacon while frying it up" - love that line. Might steal it.

    Received the Newton O'Neill Christmas card this week and loved it! Miss you! Talk soon!

  4. #6 is fine as long as someone named mommaorpoppa does NOT have to babysit-ever. #8 is easy peasy...he's fab. So are you.

  5. I'm with you on the obligatory #3 and I'm already shopping for brightly colored kicks and perusing the amazon shelves of work-out dvds.
    I also inherited a sewing machine last year! Looking forward to using it more, if only so I have an excuse to keep buying awesome fabric!

  6. Hey love your blog! Great lay-out and your posts are very nicely done! Good luck with your resolutions :)!



  7. Your resolutions are so inspiring! It makes me want to make a list!

    Also, I don't remember if I ever thanked you, BUT thank you for letting me interview for a paper last spring! I appreciate it & everything you do.

    Mariana (


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