Inside Ginnifer Goodwin's LA Abode

3:09 PM

Photo credit: Hilary Walsh / ELLE
Any of you watch Nashville and Modern Family?? Now I love me some Wednesdays on ABC, but what is up with Suburgatory? Blech...cancel that already. I'm pretty sure the only reason it's still around is because it's wedged between those two shows. I'm ending this conversation right now because I'll launch into a TV tirade if I don't. Anyways, I distracted my eyeballs from a full-on Suburgatory assault with the latest issue of Elle. Specifically, Ginnifer Goodwin's nearly century-old Hollywood home. Girl has got some nice digs! Her wallpaper choices are perfection. I never would have thought to do this in a kitchen (I like them clean, crisp and white), but I am majorly crushing on the high gloss black trim. It's a pretty sexy look....if you think wood trim can be sexy. Which I guess I can. This just got awkward.

{via Elle}

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  1. wow, girls house has go it going ON! thanks for sharing.

  2. this is a really beautiful home. My thought is that your home should be a true reflection of self. If this premise is true...she must be amazing.

  3. i saw this too and fell in love! the house is gorgeous. i love modern family and nashville too!

  4. It's so open and clean. How pretty!
    xo Josie

  5. Oh good. Someone else watches Nashville. It's my newest guilty pleasure.

  6. I love that the design is sophisticated yet still cozy and livable! Yay for the hints of greenery here and there! Thanks for sharing Kirsten, I love your writing style and always look forward to your posts!

  7. She is absolutely adorable and her home is divine!


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