DIY Holiday Decor: Metallic Pine Cones

8:30 AM

Now this is what I call holiday decor for the overwhelmed, procrastinating, and broke folk out there. I hoarded these pine cones when we were living in Boston, moved them all over creation, primed them last year, forgot about it, rediscovered them last weekend and attacked them with metallic spray paint. Within a matter of 30 minutes, I had several dozen gold and silver pine cones at my fingertips. What to do with these little gems? Well....let me tell you!

I placed them on our table amongst some vintage brass candlesticks. String these babies up on some twine, and BOOM - you've got a fantastic garland. Tie a loop, and glue it on the top....BAM! Rustic-glam tree ornaments.

This project is really easy, and takes hardly any time at all. It goes like so: Hoard pine cones. Dust off any debris that came with them. Prime them using spray paint primer. Paint using your favorite spray paint colors. Let dry. Tip: Don't hold the can still while spraying...otherwise you get gloopy-looking pine cones (some of mine are gloopy....daydreaming got the best of me.)

I think I might buy some spray adhesive and coat a few cones with glitter. I mean, every holiday tableau needs some sparkle. It's the law.

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  1. gorgeous! my mom did these for our table last christmas and i love how they turn out! xo

  2. This is gorgeous! I love gold for the holidays :)


  3. love these! sometimes it's the simple things that just make the biggest statement. thanks for sharing.

  4. So cute and so simple -- brilliant!
    xo Josie

  5. I just love this idea! Featuring in my Friday Faves later today ;)

    happy weekend!


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