The Great Swatch Debate

7:45 AM

Momma bird is coming over this morning to help my indecisive self pick some paint colors for our house before John's fam comes into town for the F1 weekend because, well, I'm spazzing out about the walls being paint swatch central. I just don't understand how people can settle on one color when there are about 55165489465 versions of blue, 29423992384902384092384902384 shades of white, and everything else in between. Definitely overthinking it I think, but how can I not when these amazing homes keep popping up on Pinterest? Gosh darnit, Pinterest....making me doubt my decisions every single step of the way.

Really inspired by the soft and creative use of bold color in these rooms - especially that half white, half pink room. I think that photo just convinced me to get a white slipcovered sofa over the tailored mid-century style we were leaning towards. Certainly more comfortable, just afraid it's going to look too shabby/farmy....will have to put pops of sleek modern furniture in there too. Drats, back to the drawing board for the entire room scheme now. @#$#$%$^&*($@.

images via here, here and here.

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  1. I really like the Martha Stewart paint collection at Home Depot. It somehow feels more edited than other brands. It's like Martha decided that those are the only good colors you should ever paint your wall.
    That's my two cents. I also love her color "Bone Folder" which is a nice off white. Looks good with white trim!

    1. Well, good morning Ms. Incredibly Helpful Advice....TOTALLY going to beeline it to Home Depot this AM! Woohoo!

  2. I swear I get dizzy looking at paint samples. Let us know how you do!
    xo Josie

  3. I love it!! All your inspiration has be excited for when I finally get to decorate my first home. xo

  4. i am so glad we nailed those colors...they are so my thing.

  5. I definitely think you're on the right track. All three of these rooms look very "you". Especially the middle one as it has an "S" for Stoddard. Maybe it's a sign?! The good news I'm not picky, so I can sleep on your couch no matter the aesthetics!(sp?) =)


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