Smokey Eyes

8:32 AM

Like 99% of the women on the planet, I feel pretty friggin' sexy when I rock a dark and smokey eye. However, I've learned to dial this incredibly "come hither" look back a bit since using the traditional black eyeshadows are much too harsh for my skintone. I'm working with a pretty light palette to being with - fair skin, a couple freckles, and blonde hair, so using colors that contrast too much with my natural coloring makes me feel more porn star than super star. Instead of traditional black eyeshadow, I play up my eyes with olive, dark bronze or dark plum. It's a little more modern and subtle, but an equally impactful way to get the smokey eye look without overdoing it. Wish I had just smudged the liner a bit more before heading out to the par-tayyy, but oh well...will definitely paint my peepers like this again soon. 

What I used:
Korres White Eyeshadow (Discontinued! I'm nearly out...planning on getting this Buxom one next)
(Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Brousse is really pretty too)

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  1. Beautiful. Loving your lip color too!


  2. This is SUCH a chic look, especially for fall!
    xo Josie

  3. beautiful..beautiful ...beautiful. Did I mention that you look beautiful?

  4. gorgeous!! this is perfect for fall and i'm going to try this soon!


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