Matthew Williamson S/S 2013

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Well, I'm back from a long weekend jaunt to Boston to celebrate our sweet and smiley niece Lucy's christening. Now I know I may be biased, but she is definitely one of the chillest, coolest, and cutest babies I have ever met. Gosh, I am not going to lie...I was tempted to take her home with us.

Now, for something totally off-topic but also made my heart go pitter patter: Matthew Williamson's spring 2013 collection. Just can't get enough of those amazingly tailored watercolor ombre numbers, mod tribal patterns and embroidery, and vivid "go get your sunglasses" colors. What items are on your "must have" list right now? Fantasy and actual, of course. ;)

via moda operandi

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  1. Hello Gorgeous, indeed! Love it.


  2. these are all just it!

  3. That seafoam gown is nothing short of amazing. I always love his collections; they're so beautiful and ornate.
    xo Josie

  4. love!!

  5. You have a crush on him, I have a crush on you. Love the line though - I see a bunch of lil numbers here I'd love to sport!

  6. love the ones you loved too! my fav is #14!

  7. Yeah, THAT gown. Yikes! pretty...


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