Loving Lately 9.22.12

8:11 PM

Well, it cooled off about 8 degrees here in Austin, so that can only mean one thing: jean season is back! Woohoo! Well, actually, I jumped the gun a bit and wore a pair today....I think it was still in the 90s, and for a sec I was certain I was re-enacting the sweaty opening scenes from Rocky. My jeans were practically glued to my sausage legs thanks to the the blazing sun and the AC in our car being out. Naturally, John and I had to cool off with some gelato from Mandola's. It was the only possible solution...at least that is what I keep telling my waistline.

I'm really itching to bust my boots out, too. I'm over sandals. Sayonara, sandals...hello, ballet flats and legit leather boots. Hoping to add the perfect ankle bootie to the collection this season...I mean, how can I live here and not have some booties? Shoe booties, not derriere booties...that I have pleeeenty of. 

What are some things you are excited to wear this season now that things are cooling off?

{Get In My Closet!}

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  1. I am loving oversized sunglasses too Kirsten....seriously I am not allowed to buy any more pairs!

  2. boots are a must...love the ones with the strap - very austin ready.

  3. Love the bracelet and the sweater. Love love love.


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  4. Those ankle boots are SERIOUSLY to die for. I definitely need a pair.
    xo Josie


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