Lava Lamps, Fiona Kotur, and Me

12:50 PM

I had this toy when I was a kid that I was absolutely fascinated with - it was a labyrinth that had these little hot pink gel balls in water that would swirl all around the maze. Talk about taking a walk down memory lane when I spotted this gorgeous Lucite box clutch filled with the same lava lamp-like gel from Fiona Kotur's 2013 collection. I can - with 100% certainty- guarantee that I would be utterly engrossed by this purse if I ever wore it out for an night out on the town. This arm candy - along with a bevvy of other lacy, leather and Lucite numbers - are available to people with large wads of cash to blow on sexy clutches on Moda Operandi.

PS Can we talk about this gilded angular miniaudiere? It's faboosh, my friends. Simply faboosh.

{via Refinery29}

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