Clean House: Removing Mildew From Bathroom Caulk And Grout

1:17 PM

Mildew. Not a normal topic of conversation on this here blog. Everybody's got mildew lurking a shower somewhere, but it's not really the type of thing us gals care to chat about over lattes and macarons. It's gross, it's stubborn, and our shower had it BAD. I happened to discover a little cure-all that I had to share with y'all, so....try not to be bored to tears with this post, mmmkay? I tried zillions of bottles of cleaners promising to banish the black stuff from our pristine white shower. Nothing worked. Just when I thought we were going to have to rip the caulk about and redo it (annoying), I tried one last ditch effort: a bleach pen. I just squirted that gooey bleachy goodness along the caulk, let it sit for about 14 hours, and scrubbed it away in the morning. Squeaky clean and white caulk was all that remained. Yeehaw!

One step towards a clean shower, one giant leap towards my wifely domestication.

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  1. Replies
    1. Do will be very impressed with that little pen's mighty powers!

  2. I think I need to try this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i never would have thought of this- terrific solution for one of life's domesticated issue.

  4. Awesome post. Who knew mildew was such a hot topic! ;) When are we drinking??

  5. Ugh - I just went through the same exact thing this weekend for my shower. Everything was rendered spotless except a few annoying splotches ingrained in the caulk. I will definitely be checking this bleach pen thing out. Thanks for the post!

  6. Um, if by "boring" you mean "helpful" than yes. Good looking out girl!


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