Manicure Monday: Silver French Tips

11:28 AM

This weekend was awesome. Cousin Toby came in on Saturday, and ran John and I absolutely were run ragged. We went to Zilker and chucked an aerobie around (I think I set a new world record...most amount of throws that went in the exact opposite direction intended). After we were nice and sweaty, we took a zillion mile hike in the Greenbelt  in search of a swimming hole that dried up. We eventually made our way back to a nice stagnant pond with a lovely chunky monkey bottom, and took a quick dip in that (100 degree heat will make you do questionable things). We grabbed a bite to eat at Shady Grove, which serves my new favorite condiment: jalapeno ranch dip. Cue Homer Simpson-style slobberfest. The day was basically a 12 out of 10 on the fun-o-meter. Toby and Audrey, consider this my plea for you two to get your derriere's back here in Austin asap.

On Sunday, I took one of the most important steps in my life: I got baptized in Town Lake, surrounded by my family and friends, our Church elders, and the family and friends of 7 other people making that commitment to Christ. After the (rather emotional) baptism, and coming out of the water reborn in Christ with boogers all over my face, some people asked me if I felt different now. I don't, really. For me, it wasn't so much a feeling as it is an examination of who I am, what I believe, and how to make a difference in this world. It's a proclamation of a spiritual journey put into action, an on-going process. There's a lot I want to change about myself, a lot I need to do. Bottom line: I am uber-psyched about making this commitment to God, and am ready for the trials, tribulations, grace, and joy that come along with it. wrap up the weekend recap on a lighter note, check out my cute manicure!! It's a modern revamp of the classic French manicure, and I'm kinda obsessed.  It's also really easy to do if you have those handy little nail tip stickers. I think they were maybe $2 at CVS. Worth the investment. Just a warning, though: make sure nails are REALLY dry when you put those on. When it was time to take two of them off, it was off with their heads....the polish and strip came off together. Aside from that, no problemos whatsoever!

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