The Best Way To Beat Stress

9:30 AM

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine. An anti-stress secret. Oooh, you're ears totally just perked up, didn't they? Here it is: Stop taking everything so seriously. It's as simple as that.

Do I mean not to worry about looming deadlines, job searches, endless to-do lists, and flooded inboxes? Nope. Those are all very important aspects of my life today. I just try to keep it all in perspective - not to get overwhelmed or underwhelmed by it. Just whelmed, haha. When I get that "OMG I am drowning in the sea of life" feeling, the best method I found is to shut my brain down and restart. Works for computers, works for my mind. Some people might suggest taking a walk, others might suggest having a little snack break. I recommend 5 minutes of dancing like a seizing crazy person. Seriously. Shut the door to your office, press play to dance along with Thom Yorke, and just LET GO. Move without thinking, dance without inhibition, and try and catch a glimpse of your reflection. Granted Thom's probably higher than a kite in this video, and you and I are sober, but that just makes it all the more effective. I dare you not to bust out laughing. It's so utterly ridiculous, but it really helps reset your brain and give you a fresh perspective. Sayonara, stress....hello, clarity.

I think we all need to take a moment to stop taking ourselves and life so seriously. I dare you to just try it. Y'all probably think I am certifiably insane. Maybe I am....but I just did my cuckoo dance and I'm not stressed out right now, either.

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  1. You think I'm sober. JUST KIDDING! I swear there's nothing in my coffee but a little milk.
    I love this idea though. I tend to have pandora on in the background many days, and when the right song hits at the right moment, its a dance party for one. Last week I had a freebird dance party all by my lonesome. I just make sure the blinds are all closed, my neighbors don't need to see my spazzing out.
    I'm coming back later in the day when I need a break to play your radiohead clip.

  2. Yeah, this is officially the best way to get rid of stress. Agreed. :-)

  3. Such a good Monday post! I don't think you're crazy, I think you're wise ;)

  4. Definitely not insane. Maybe a bit weird, but all the best people are! I concur with each and every word. well said!

    C x

  5. nia.enough said.


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