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With each day that passes, I find a new thing to love about this town. John and I accidentally stumbled upon the Austin Museum of Art: AMOA-Laguna Gloria (3809 W 35th St) while exploring Tarrytown. Fun fact: The lovely Megan from Meganthology got hitched here - and I can attest, it's a beautiful place for a wedding!
After walking around, we went inside the adorable 'mini-mansion', and decided to bust out our wicked awesome (ahh...Boston jargon) putting skills for the current installation, "Art On The Green."
Here's a little bit about it: Art on the Green encourages visitors to explore the unique setting of Laguna Gloria with its 12 acres of grounds on Lake Austin, and outdoor sculptures which are part of AMOA-Arthouse’s permanent collection. For the exhibition, nine  Texas artists and designers will create minature golf holes that respond to the site and encourage a diverse audience to go outside and play.
 And we are off at hole 1 on the "course."
Walking in circles then hitting a golf ball? Not a good idea. After 8 strokes....
I knocked that sucker outta the park.
We checked out a teeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiny little gallery holding some of Leah Haney's abstract and architecturally-inspired works.
My personal fave part of visiting the museum? The wild peacocks roaming the estate!!! I was standing like 3 feet away from a freakin' PEACOCK!! Apparently they started out with two little peas, and now they have about 15 prancing around like they own the estate (which I am not sure I would challenge...I hear these guys are loud and proud).

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  1. once again...austin on.

  2. Peacock! I've never seen one in real life, and I really really want to!

    Also, LOVE your outfit!

    1. Oh man, they are AWESOME...pretty big, and the colors/feathers are just out of this world vibrant. Come to Austin and I'll take you there!!! :)

  3. Closest I've got to a peacock is seeing a turkey :/ Simply GORG!! Love all these electrifying colors... makes me happy!

  4. Oh oh,I wanna go!! That looks awesome. On the agenda for next trip to Austin

  5. i love these pictures, kirsten! it does remind me of my wedding day :) having it there was a total dream.

  6. such a fun spot! I go to UT and I'll have to check that out! Austin has so many hidden treasures, doesn't it?

    -Molly @


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