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MaxStudio Double Breasted Cape Rain Coat* // Express Zelda "Emerald" Legging Jeans* // Jack Rogers Women's Highlands Boot* // Kate Spade New York Melinda Floral-Print Vinyl Satchel* // Vera Bradley Umbrella* // Helene Berman Wide-Brimmed Wool-Felt Hat*
Last weekend, Austin became one seriously soggy city and the rain just. didn't. ever. quit.  If any of you were in town for the first part of SXSW, you are probably still airing out to dry after getting thoroughly waterlogged. While I generally loathe traipsing about town while the heavens unleash their buckets o' water on us, what's the one thing I love about rainy days? A free car wash!!! SCORE! As I was driving around town in my squeaky clean "couch on wheels" (aka Grandpa-approved Toyota Avalon), I spotted the first few dustings of Texas Blue Bonnets. Spring is finally here, people! That old saying that April (March in this case) showers bring May flowers isn't messing around. I can't help but wonder...what do the May flowers bring? Probably some sort of Texas allergen that will have me huffing and puffing and accidentally blowing my house down. It's a small price to pay for sunshine throughout the dreary winter months.

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  1. Great choices, all around. And yeah, my allergies are going crazy right now. CRAZY.

  2. alwayssunnyinaustinMarch 16, 2012 at 10:07 PM

    loving the sherlock holmes rain coat- need that!


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