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I just might have taken a few extra liberties over the holidays (family time and food comas can do that to me), and remained 'unplugged' a little longer than I had anticipated. Whoops! So without further ado, HAPPY 2012!!! 

With the new year comes a slew of resolutions. The first one up on my list is likely the most obvious - and reoccurring - resolution: to exercise. However, my goal isn't as superficial as it was in past years. I am not chasing after this unrealistic goal of looking like Miranda Kerr. That's just not my body type, and I'm cool with my curves. The reason why I want to start regularly exercising is to get fit. I want to be able to play a game of chase with my nieces and nephews without chilling on base for like a zillion hours. I want to be able to do pull-ups instead of hanging from the equipment, flailing around like a caught fish and trying with all my might....but not moving an inch. I want to be able to run a mile without feeling like I am a fire-breathing dragon whose lungs are on the bring of explosion. But of course, I wouldn't mind the ripped abs and buns of steel that come along with all that hard work!!!

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  1. I share this resolution! I want to be fit and healthy, not just thin.

  2. i agree! just starting personal training sessions. love the yellow bag!

  3. I can't wait to get back in business at the gym. This holiday season was over celebrated and I feel like I might explode momentarily.

    Happy New Year!


  4. I feel ya! I know it may be cliche, but getting in shape is definately one of my resolutions this year! It always helps to pick up some new excercise gear to stay motivated :)

  5. ready set go...I am resolute to get this health thing down...

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